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Guest Blogger, Paul La Rosa: On Writing a Memoir

I consider myself an experienced writer. After all, I’ve been a newspaper reporter, a producer for CBS News, and the author of four true crime books. But I had never written a memoir until I began trying two years ago. Writing a memoir is different. My first […]

Guest Blogger, RossH: An Intro to Webcomics

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I was talking to Danielle a few weeks and sharing some ideas I’d had about Christmas gifts, I sent her a link to a shirt on TopatoCo, which she later posted here, along with some other choice materials from the site. After sharing our favorites of the various witty t-shirts, […]

Guest Blogger, LG: Hate Typos? Your Not Alone.

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I signed up to be a writing tutor in college because I thought I would get to “edit” students’ papers. Imagine my disappointment when I learned that there was no copyediting involved in the job at all. Instead, we were discussing content and organization and helping […]

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Guest Blogger, Allison Pang: From 30,000 Words to a Three-Book Deal

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I was standing at the ticket counter for United Airlines last April, getting ready to attend my first ROMANTIC TIMES conference, when the airline rep asked me where I was headed. I remember giving her this sort of self-deprecating smile and telling her that I’d written a book, and was going […]