Project/Manuscript Review


A project/manuscript review focuses on the "big picture" of a project, including structure and arc, character development (for fiction and memoirs), pacing, point of view, voice, consistency, clarity, and more, with additional attention to salability and marketability. A project/manuscript review includes reading the material (in full or in partial, based on client need) and creating a high-level analysis report that pinpoints recommended areas of revision.

Typically, this review is the first editorial pass a project goes through. This is so a client can ensure they have all the essential elements nailed down and fleshed out prior to going into a more detailed developmental edit. (The developmental edit will be most effective that way!)

When it comes to manuscripts and screenplays, Double Vision has standard analysis reports, though we are open to using a client’s preferred report, of course. Our reports include a log line/keynote, a synopsis, a ratings chart to assess the main elements of the project, notes on strengths and weaknesses, suggested areas of revision, and no-holds-barred thoughts on how the project will fare in the marketplace.

For all other types of projects, DVE will work with the client to customize an analysis report based on what needs assessment and in what format the client prefers to receive feedback.

Analysis samples are available upon request.


Rates for project/manuscript analyses are often flat fees rather than an hourly rate, but exceptions do apply. Fees are quoted based on a review of sample materials (DVE will request specific materials dependent upon the type of project you'd like quoted), as well as information such as type of project, genre, word count, turnaround time, and more. After our review, we will then provide a potential client with an official quote based on those sample materials, which will include an overall assessment of the work we believe the project will need, how long it might take, and our estimated fee.

Please note: Double Vision's rates are based on the standard rates set by the Editorial Freelancers Association.

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