Content Editing


Content editing is the key to producing a strong, high-quality, salable product. Double Vision's content editors have expertise in a wide variety of genres and industries. We work with fiction genres from literary to commercial, suspense to romance, science fiction to fantasy, young adult to children's literature--you name it! Many of our editors also are experienced in nonfiction, including projects such as memoirs, educational materials, press releases, how-to guides, nonprofit work, technical editing, medical editing, marketing materials, and more.

A project might require any combination of the three main types of content edits: project/manuscript review, developmental edit, and line edit.


Rates for content edits are often flat fees rather than an hourly rate, though exceptions do apply. Fees are quoted based on a review of sample materials (DVE will request specific materials dependent upon the type of project you'd like quoted), as well as information such as type of project, genre, word count, preferred turnaround time, and more. After our review, we will then provide a potential client with an official quote based on those sample materials, which will include an overall assessment of the work we believe the project will need, how long it might take, and our estimated fee.

Please note: Double Vision's rates are based on the standard rates set by the Editorial Freelancers Association.

If you are interested in DVE's services,

please request a quote.

We will do our best to respond within three to five business days.