Classes and Coaching


Danielle has written numerous blog posts on writing/editing skills, as well as taught classes on the subject for organizations like the Romance Writers of America's RWU University (“Open your book with a bang!”). Single classes and a series of classes are both in her wheelhouse, with classes including lessons, examples, and practice activities/assignments. Sample class materials are available upon request.

Danielle and some other members of the DVE team are also experienced in one-on-one writing coaching. We have worked with grade-schoolers who are passionate about creative writing and want to learn more and grow their skills, high-schoolers who want to write novels, marketing professionals who need to hone their craft, and more.

We've even guided writers through the submission and self-publishing processes, providing advice and reviewing materials as needed. (In special circumstances, we have even provided production management services for authors, helping them every step of the way.) If you're looking for some one-on-one writing-related guidance/practice and there isn't a specific edit or project you need help with, DVE can pair you with an editor who can coach you toward your goals.


Rates for classes and coaching differ greatly depending on clients' needs, but they will generally fall between $40 and $100 per hour. After discussing what you're looking for with DVE, we can provide you with an official quote and overall assessment of the project scope and length.

If you are interested in DVE's services,

please request a quote.

We will do our best to respond within three to five business days.