"I would not be where I am today without Danielle’s guiding hand."

~Allison Pang

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“I can honestly say I would not be where I am today without Danielle’s guiding hand. She has the unique ability to pull the best out of an author, pointing out things that need changing with gentle nudges and encouraging language. On top of that, her line edits are first-rate and worth every penny. In today’s writing world, good editors have never been more important, and Danielle is one of the best I’ve ever worked with.”

"Danielle is an invaluable part of my book-publishing process. She has a keen eye for developmental issues in novels, and she is an expert at making my prose shine. I would not publish a book without her input!"

"Sending a project to Danielle is like pressing a 'MAKE MY WRITING STRONGER' button. Danielle has a brilliant mind for strengthening bigger picture issues in a novel, as well as polishing finer details. Danielle is not only skilled, she is dedicated. You get 100 percent from her, and she is a pleasure to work with. She has made my writing stronger, and I have no doubt that she will make yours stronger, as well."

"I think I've worked with Danielle on fourteen books now! Her editing instincts are spot on, and when she's gone through a book, I always feel confident it's ready to head out into the world. She's an awesome partner to make your stories sparkle."

“Danielle is a true professional who understands how important it is to make a manuscript shine before sending it out into the world, and she has the skills to polish it to a high sheen (even if it’s a crazy middle-grade tale about werewolves or ghosts!). We are so grateful to have found Double Vision Editorial. Danielle is there for us when we need her, and being able to trust her eagle eyes and sharp instincts has made the publishing process considerably less nerve-racking for us. (Or is it wracking? Um, Danielle?)”

“As an independent author and publisher, I work very hard to produce products that are comparable to traditionally published books, and I have Danielle Poiesz and her team to thank for it. Danielle has been instrumental in helping me find my voice and style among diverse projects from a middle-grade chapter book to an adult paranormal/sci-fi novel series. I am very pleased with our partnership and look forward to many more years working together.”

“Danielle is one of our most reliable freelancers. Her background in editing make her an invaluable proofreader, and her keen eye helped shepherd our top-billed book of the year toward a crash publication. A pleasure to work with!”

“I searched for someone who’d edited for at least one of the Big Six publishers—someone who could help me up my game. Barry Eisler recommended trying Danielle, so I contacted her, and she did an exhaustive job of content and line editing and was particularly instrumental in helping flesh out my protagonist and smoothing out transitions. I knew where I wanted my manuscript to be, and Danielle helped me achieve my vision.”

“One day the sun shined and led me to Danielle. She makes my work better and my process smarter. It’s a win for me. Her flawless pen, straightforward style of communicating, and skilled perceptiveness of story elements make her an exceptional editorial partner.”

"Danielle is an amazing editor. She has the ability to figure out what I am trying to accomplish and tactfully guide me in the right direction. Using her experience in publishing, she is always honest to inform me of potential weak areas in my writing, and she offers suggestions to help elevate it to the standards publishers are looking for. At the same time, she is excellent at making sure that I still keep my voice. She is always responsive and gets corrections back to me in a reasonable timeframe and works with me on a schedule that fits us both. She has been an amazing partner in my writing endeavors, and with each new project, I look forward to working with her in making it the best it can be."

"Danielle gives a fearless, thorough, and detailed edit! When I turned over my manuscript to her, my hope was to improve my craft and learn about my blind spots as a writer. She exceeded my expectations! She went through line by line and advised me on crafting my novel at every level. From the meet-cute to character arcs to backstory to character inconsistencies, I was blown away when I received her edit. Not only do I have straightforward guidance to improve the manuscript she worked on but I'm using what I learned from her on my new projects."

“I have used Danielle Poiesz to copy edit [numerous] book projects. She is professional, timely, thorough, and goes beyond my expectations with her editorial suggestions, giving my manuscript the polish I [look] for. I am extremely pleased with the results and highly recommend Danielle’s editorial services.”

“Working with Danielle was an absolute pleasure. Her keen editing eye found the problems I knew were there, but I’d never been able to quite put my finger on. She was also fantastic at brainstorming solutions to the book’s issues and helping me understand the problems clearly. Her edits were invaluable, and my book is so much better thanks to her skill and effort.”

“Danielle is incredible! She goes above and beyond the call to ensure that your manuscript is the best [it can be]. She helps in so many ways, I can’t count them. She is supportive, professional, gives great advice and direction, and makes you feel important along the way. She helped me with developmental, line, and copy editing. She also helped me find other trusted associates to help with formatting, cover art, etc. I recommend her without reservation.”

“Working with Danielle is a pleasure, start to finish. She’s professional, a wonderful communicator, timely, and has great instincts. My stories are infinitely improved for our collaboration.”

“Danielle is supportive, thorough, and conscious at all times of maintaining an author’s unique voice. When she works with a manuscript, she doesn’t just make it better, but she takes the author to a whole new level of quality. In short, she is the ideal editor.”

“Danielle is the perfectionist you need in your back pocket so that you can (1) create while shutting down your inner editor and (2) not break down crying when you consult your inner editor for help and realize she is useless. Danielle is not only great at the technical aspects of her craft but she is also a much-needed friendly and supportive cheerleader–an invaluable asset to your team! (She may have even copyedited this testimonial… Goodness, I hope so…)”

“I found Danielle through the recommendation of my agent, and I have been thrilled with my choice to work with her. She has edited two of my YA manuscripts. Danielle is great to work with. She is friendly yet professional and very quick to respond. She also has a great understanding of the current YA genre. She always gives her insight into what works and doesn’t work in a story in a way that is honest yet never harsh. I have come to really value her opinion and thoroughness with my work. My books are far, far better after her edits! I would highly recommend her to any author.”

“It’s an amazing thing when a writer can work with an editor who really understands her vision, and they work together to make a manuscript something better than what the writer could achieve on her own. That’s what I’ve found with Danielle. She gives detailed feedback that helps me craft my books into the best shape I can get them into. I’m so glad I’ve found her.”

“With a combination of firm, straightforward honesty and sympathetic gentleness, Danielle got her points across without making me doubt myself. By the time I was done reading my edit notes, I was eager to jump back in and fix what needed to be fixed, knowing it could be done. Simply put, Danielle made me a better writer.”

“Good editors can ‘make’ a book, and Danielle Poiesz is the best! I worked with her on three of my books and found her suggestions amazingly insightful. She helped me give my characters more emotional appeal, and what author doesn’t need that?  Danielle’s edits are detailed and right on target, her response time is fast, and she should quit her current job and return to my publisher immediately!”

“The publishing gods were smiling on me when I connected with Danielle. ‘Connected’ is the best way to describe her as an editor because she communicates so well. Her feedback is detailed, and she does not sugarcoat the weak spots in a manuscript. Rather, she is friendly, professional, and thorough. I feel very respected as an author under her guidance and am lucky to know her.”

“No matter where you are in your writing career, Danielle will take you to the next level. She gives detailed, smart, on-time feedback. Her developmental edit is the equivalent to taking a term of creative writing!”

“As my acquiring editor, I have to say Danielle has a sharp eye for finding new talent! LOL! She not only saw the potential in my stories but her insights and suggestions helped hone the suspense, strengthen my characters' emotional appeal, and enhance the romantic tension. Her edits are in-depth, detailed, and she is patient and supportive. Danielle is everything a new author needs and wants in an editor. Plus, she is a true champion of their work!”

"Danielle provides top-notch editing services. I’ve worked with her twice for assistance in ensuring my stories are the best they could be and polished to a nice shine. She is very professional and easy to work with. If you're looking for a dedicated editor to help you bring out the best in your story, look no further. "