Resumes and Queries


If you're thinking about submitting a manuscript or screenplay to an agent, publisher, or producer, you'll need to ensure you have an effective query letter to catch--and keep--their attention, as well as strong submission materials to pull them in (e.g. short synopsis, detailed synopsis, outline, and/or sample chapters). DVE editors work with authors in various stages of the submission process and with various pre-existing materials.

If you need to spruce up your resume or CV, the DVE team can lend a hand there, too. We are skilled at taking your experience and education and creating a document aimed at your specific employment goals. DVE works with clients to understand what kind of job they are looking for and what they want their resume/CV to convey and accomplish. If you don't have a resume yet and need one, or if you need a current resume revised for a different kind of job/audience, don't worry. We can collaborate to create a resume from scratch! In that same vein, DVE can work with you to create and edit your cover letter to make sure you are putting your best foot forward as you search for your next adventure.


Rates for resume- and submission-related content differ from project to project, but they will generally fall between $35 and $60 per hour. After reviewing project details (e.g. type of content, word count, turnaround time) and discussing the scope of the project with a client, DVE will provide an official quote and overall assessment of how much work the project needs, how long it will take, and our estimated fee.

If you are interested in DVE's services,

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