Developmental Editing


Developmental editing involves the same general mindset as project/manuscript review in that it focuses on "big picture" elements. However, developmental edits go into even more detail to include page/margin notes on a project, either electronically or in hardcopy, as well as a thorough, personally crafted editorial letter to guide a client in revising and strengthening a project.

A developmental edit is often first edit pass a project will go through, as a number of clients choose to forgo an initial project/manuscript review. Otherwise, developmental editing occurs on the revised material following an analysis. After a client revises a project based on a first-pass developmental edit, a second-pass developmental edit is sometimes done on the revised material, depending on the extent of the revisions; other times, a project goes straight into the line editing stage of content edits.

Obviously, different types of projects will require different focal points for a developmental edit, and Double Vision works with their clients to determine what is needed for their specific project type and goals. We are always open to customizing our services to help our clients the very best we can.

Sample editorial letters and examples of page/margin notes are available upon request.


Rates for developmental edits are often flat fees rather than an hourly rate, though exceptions do apply. Fees are quoted based on a review of sample materials (DVE will request specific materials dependent upon the type of project you'd like quoted), as well as information such as type of project, genre, word count, turnaround time, and more. After our review, we will provide a potential client with an official quote based on those sample materials, which will include an overall assessment of the work we believe the project will need, how long it might take, and our estimated fee.

Please note: Double Vision's rates are based on the standard rates set by the Editorial Freelancers Association.

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