About DVE


Perfect your project.

At Double Vision, we believe that one pair of eyes is never enough when it comes to editing. With the help of an imaginative and trained editorial specialist, an initial vision and inspiration can be amplified and deepened to give any project a broader appeal and brighter shine. But the process of perfecting any project involves teamwork, mutual respect, trust, joint effort, and of course, creativity. The client-editor relationships brought about through Double Vision aim to be partnerships that last longer than the course of a single project.

Owner and editorial guru Danielle Poiesz has an endless passion for helping writers grow, and helping readers find the books that touch them (or even change their lives!) has always been the driving force in her career. She chose to start Double Vision Editorial so she could not only help others make their own dreams come true but help fill the world with eye-opening, meaningful, and, of course, entertaining literature. (And her love of film and experience in script analysis just transfers that passion to the screen!)

But there is more to it than that. We at DVE believe in the power of the written word in all forms. A roundabout, unfocused thesis structure can kill a point (and not in a good way!). Well-written and engaging copy can make a website pop or a product sell. An unclear instruction manual can not only create a pile of poor reviews but cause a loss of customers. Words are important, and the right words, expressed properly and with the appropriate voice and flair, are even more so.

There is no project too big or too small for Double Vision to care about. Even if you aren't sure how we can help or what kind of editing you even need, we are always willing to discuss what we can do to better your project. Our experienced team is always there to reach out to with confidence, optimism, and plain old trust.

We firmly believe that working as a team is the key to success, and so the DVE team will work with you, not just for you. The editing process at DVE is not just on paper, either. We will guide you as best we can in your goals, whether it's by pointing you toward useful resources, introducing you to mutually beneficial members of our vast network, or simply sharing our knowledge with you and giving you honest and heartfelt support. You'll get to know Danielle personally, as well as professionally, along the way...and hopefully have some fun in the process.