About Danielle

Danielle Poiesz, Founder and Editorial Guru

Born and raised in rural New Jersey, Danielle Poiesz is more than just a bibliophile. While a large chunk of her life has certainly been spent reading and writing, she also has a penchant for billiards and travel, a deep-rooted love of music and film, an obsession with dessert, and mean skills in the kitchen (risotto is her specialty). Danielle also has a futuristic YA novel in progress that she hopes to finish one day soon.

Since graduating from Boston University, Danielle has run the publishing gamut: sales and editorial, to business development, digital/online, and self-publishing, to strategic innovations and tech; from Macmillan to Simon & Schuster to Penguin to Marvel to launching her own editorial company, Double Vision Editorial. One thing has always remained the same, though: her love of the written word and engaging storytelling.

She also has never changed who she is for anyone or any job. Honest, hardworking, compassionate, and slightly silly, Danielle prides herself on maintaining a professional persona that is true to who she is deep down.


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