Double Vision Editorial

Owner and Editorial Guru, 2008–Present

    • Provide freelance developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading/cold reading, and MS review services.
    • Work with a variety of clients, including independent authors of fiction, nonfiction, and comics; as well as established publishing houses, nonprofits, websites, businesses, etc.
    • Provide editorial expertise for a wide range of audiences, including children’s, young adult, and adult audiences.
    • Perform customized editorial work, publishing consultations, and original content creation upon request, including writing bios, blurbs, website copy, taglines, marketing materials, etc.
    • Coach and advise clients on the craft of writing, the process of getting work published, the creation of necessary marketing and publicity materials, next steps, etc.
    • Work with authors on story outlines, synopses, query letters, and the like, as well as brainstorming taglines, titles, cover concepts, etc.
    • Interview, vet, and hire subcontractors for various projects, and review and proofread subcontractor work prior to delivery to the client.
    • Operate the business in all other capacities, including scheduling, contracts, invoicing, financials, quotes, client communication, etc.
    • Teach creative writing one-on-one to grade-school and high school students, as well as leading online classes/panels for organizations such as Romance Writers of America.

IDW Publishing

Copy Editor/Proofreader, 2022–2023

  • Copyedited full scripts and lettering layouts to ensure sense, continuity, grammar, spelling, and style, along with accuracy and consistency of text, art, balloons/tails, pagination, etc.
  • Proofread final comic layouts and maintain accordance with series/project style sheet and house style.
  • Created an 80-page IDW House Style Guide from scratch, including grammar and style rules and examples, as well as a stylebook, detailed sections on common usage errors, trade dress, cover and barcode guidelines, a list of common comic terminology, and more.
  • Consistently revised house style guide to stay current with industry trends and standards.
  • Created 30+ series-specific style guides for both licensed and creator-owned properties, both books and periodicals, and revised as needed.
  • Maintained editorial policy and ensured consistency across all departments in all materials.
  • Checked prices, barcodes, copyrights, legal lines, trade dress, creators, and other specifications against internal company databases.
  • Performed final printer proof checklist on all periodicals to confirm files were correct and ready to go to the printer.
  • Worked on licensed and creator-owned properties, ensuring accordance with licensor/creator style preferences.
  • Copy edited and proofread cover wraps, cover copy, front matter, back matter, and creator bios, as relevant for periodicals and books.
  • Copy edited and proofread new collection materials, cross-checked table of contents against the collected material, as well as some backlist comics with current licenses.
  • Copy edited and proofread scripts and full-length lettering layouts for the award-winning Top Shelf Productions imprint, including many translated scripts and graphic memoirs.
  • Copy edited and proofread material for award-winning Artist’s Editions and Artisan Editions.
  • Copy edited advertisements, marketing materials (both consumer-facing and internal), newsletters, sell sheets, etc., then proofread the materials once designed.
  • Copyediting press releases, catalog materials, title information copy, presentation documents, etc.
  • Performed fact-checking research as needed.

Marvel Worldwide, Inc.

Proofreader, 2020 

  • Performed proofreading services on a variety of materials, including single-issue comics, trades, descriptive/cover copy, e-mail blasts, marketing materials, and more.
  • Reported to the Supervisor of Proofreading and Standards & Practices.


Entangled Publishing

Freelance Editorial Services, 2012–2013   

Senior Editor and Editorial Director

  • Provided various editorial services, including developmental edits, line edits, and copy edits.
  • Liaised with authors and agents about contracted projects, as well as submissions.
  • Created back cover copy and brainstormed titles and taglines.
  • Acquired projects for multiple imprints.
  • Managed titles throughout the editorial and publication process.
  • Conceptualized cover design, hired cover artists, and worked directly with the artists and authors to create an author- and publisher-approved cover.
  • Created tip sheets and other internal marketing and sales materials for contracted titles.
  • Presented upcoming titles to the Macmillan sales force.


Penguin Group


Quality Assurance Specialist, 2012–2013

  • Responsible for ensuring quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of internal business process systems and external consumer-facing products.
  • Played an integral role in project conception, requirements gathering, and functionality/usability implementation.
  • Wrote and edited requirements documentation, and liaised with business/project lead to ensure needs were being met.
  • Created test plans, performed testing, and approved the launch of projects.

Spearheaded project to rewrite, redesign, edit, and reformat internal systems documentation for systems such as Firebrand Title Management.

Book Country Editorial Coordinator, 2010–2012    

  • Responsible for all editorial aspects of the Book Country site, pre- and post-launch.
  • Created copy deck, approved wireframes, and was responsible for other tasks necessary for the launch of the online writing community.
  • Participated in marketing endeavors, as well as attended conferences such as NYCC on behalf of Book Country.
  • Played an integral role in building and designing Book Country’s self-publishing arm, as well as launching the community.
  • Read and reviewed member projects in the community, and recommended possible acquisitions to Penguin editors.
  • Wrote exclusive industry articles, managed daily discussion boards, and cohosted bi-weekly Twitter chats.
  • Communicated directly with members and agents about any and all Book Country matters.


Simon & Schuster, Pocket/Gallery Books

Assistant Editor, 2007–2010 

  • Supported two senior editors, in addition to acquiring a personal list and managing Pocket After Dark.
  • Coordinated contract proposals, P&Ls, mechanicals, payment-related paperwork, and conducted administrative and editorial work for supervisors, executive editor, editorial director, and editor-in-chief.
  • Liaised with all departments to ensure high-quality, on-time publication.
  • Presented at positioning meetings and cover conferences.
  • Reviewed blues and galleys, and edited cover copy and other marketing/ad-promo materials.
  • Created tip sheets, sales bullets, bookseller letters, and audio scripts.
  • Tracked and read submissions, and composed rejection letters.
  • Developed relationships with agents.
  • Maintained relationships with authors and assisted them with all stages of the publishing process.


Macmillian, St. Martin's Press

Wholesale Sales Coordinator, 2006–2007    

  • Supported VP of Sales, Director of Wholesale Sales, and ten sales reps in the US and Canada.
  • Created and edited presentations, spreadsheets, and kits for sales meetings.
  • Liaised with sales reps, managed rep and client materials, and assigned special title solicitations to sales reps.
  • Coordinated in-house conferences and fulfilled sales rep/client requests for information, ARCs, and other samples.
  • Maintained and updated client databases.
  • Inputted and processed co-op materials and check requisitions.
  • Coordinated in-house conferences, as well as the creation of displays and prepacks.


RuggedLand Books and Film

Intern to Bonnie Timmerman, 2005 

  • Executed script analysis with coverage.
  • Gathered and organized production and casting information.
  • Performed general clerical duties in addition to tasks such as creating expense reports and scheduling high-profile meetings/premieres.