Line Editing


After a client has tackled the big-picture issues of a project with a project/manuscript review, a developmental edit, or both, the next step is the line edit. This type of edit is exactly what it sounds like: an edit of the project's content line by line. It centers around sentence/paragraph structure, word choice, transitions and flow, repetition and redundancy, awkward phrasings, and things of that nature. Line edits also include attention to grammar and spelling, though these are secondary to the overall writing, clarity, and effectiveness of each line. Grammar and spelling are the main focus of a copy edit, though we do include as much as we can grammar- and spelling-wise in the line edit. There may, however, be things missed in this area since it is not the top priority of a line edit. (Plus, a copy edit is a next step in the standard editorial process, after all!).


Rates for line edits are either flat fees or hourly rates, depending on the extent of the edits needed. This will be quoted based on a review of sample materials (DVE will request specific materials dependent upon the type of project you'd like quoted), as well as information such as type of project, genre, word count, turnaround time, and more. After our review, we will then provide a potential client with an official quote based on those sample materials, which will include an overall assessment of the work we believe the project will need, how long it might take, and our estimated fee.

Please note: Double Vision's rates are based on the standard rates set by the Editorial Freelancers Association.

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