Double Vision works with a variety of clients from self-published authors, to traditional publishers, to small businesses, to bloggers, to Fortune 500 companies, and more. We pride ourselves in helping our clients meet--or even exceed--their goals, whatever they may be.

Much of our work eventually becomes available to the public, whether through a book publication, website launch, reader's group guide, press release, or other means, but much of it is also kept private, such as manuscripts edited for literary agent querying, resumes, cover letters, internal documentation, submission queries, and so forth.

Please note that as a result of the above in addition to the sheer volume of projects we have worked on, especially given many of our team have worked with big-five publishers, our online portfolio is not a complete list of projects we have had the pleasure of working on. Additionally, the specific type and scope of editing performed by DVE differ from project to project.

Our Portfolios

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