Rates and Services

Whatever you need, Double Vision can help.

Double Vision Editorial offers freelance editing services for a variety of written projects at reasonable rates. Owner and editorial guru, Danielle Poiesz, has experience with myriad projects, including novels, short stories, newspaper articles, memoirs, nonfiction, resumes, query letters, student theses, and more. She also has worked in technical and corporate settings writing and editing copy decks for websites, database and product manuals, development requirements, interview transcripts, marketing materials, and more. Whatever your project, she can help make it sparkle. Plus, as a writer herself, she can create original content when you need a hand.

She's not the only one at Double Vision who can help, though. Danielle has carefully cultivated a team of editors who have a wealth of wide-ranging skills and specialties, and Danielle can pair clients with the right editor for their project needs.

The complexity of editing changes on a project-by-project basis and is relative to the type of project, requested turnaround time, genre, style, length, and so forth. All these things and more affect the speed and difficulty of a project. A lot of the “other guys” overcharge for basic services and only deliver an average product, and others still undercharge as a result of professional inexperience and end up providing poor service. But Double Vision works hard to give clients the fairest rate and the highest quality for every project and its needs.

All rates are discussed with the client prior to Double Vision's acceptance of a project. An official quote will be provided based on the work requested/required. (Sample edits are not included. If required, they are billed by the hour.) Once a quote has been given, further discussion will take place, and if terms are mutually agreed upon, DVE will provide a contract for the client's signature, by policy. Double Vision Editorial has a standard boilerplate contract, which can be discussed upon request.

Please note: Double Vision's rates are based on the standard rates set by the Editorial Freelancers Association.