A Special Gift from a Special Author

When I first read Allison Pang's submission for the novel that would become A Brush of Darkness, I had no idea she and I would become such amazing friends. I also didn't know I'd only be her editor for one book and then my entire professional life would change drastically over the course of two years, but ya know. What can you do?

Anyway, today, Allison sent me the most lovely gift. A hand-drawn and inked illustration of my favorite scene from A Brush of Darkness by the super talented Aimo.

I don't even have words to describe how much this surprise meant to me. And the fact that it arrived on a day where I was very much in need of some love, kindness, and support from the people in my life was just plain perfect.

Allison also sent along a digital copy of the image, if you want a closer look:

Now, I've just gotta get this gorgeous baby framed. =)

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