Guest Blogger, RossH: An Intro to Webcomics

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I was talking to Danielle a few weeks and sharing some ideas I’d had about Christmas gifts, I sent her a link to a shirt on TopatoCo, which she later posted here, along with some other choice materials from the site. After sharing our favorites of the various witty t-shirts, […]

Out in the Open with Suzanne Brockmann

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We’ve received a surprising number of e-mails over the past several months about categorizing LGBTQ genre fiction on the Genre Map. The questions came at us from all angles: “Where do I put my male-male Romantic SF [or insert genre here]?” “Where […]

The Author-Editor Relationship: Jane-Austen-style

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I came into the office this morning to a find hilarious–and thoughtful–article sent to me from one of my awesome authors. The article, written surprisingly by Jill Lawless of the Associated Press, focuses on how even the most renowned authors need a helping editorial hand to polish a manuscript. […]

Guest Blogger, LG: Hate Typos? Your Not Alone.

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I signed up to be a writing tutor in college because I thought I would get to “edit” students’ papers. Imagine my disappointment when I learned that there was no copyediting involved in the job at all. Instead, we were discussing content and organization and helping […]

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Guest Blogger, Allison Pang: From 30,000 Words to a Three-Book Deal

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I was standing at the ticket counter for United Airlines last April, getting ready to attend my first ROMANTIC TIMES conference, when the airline rep asked me where I was headed. I remember giving her this sort of self-deprecating smile and telling her that I’d written a book, and was going […]