DESIRE BY DESIGN Wins Over Readers

DESIRE BY DESIGN by Paula Altenburg is stealing hearts left and right. Her first contemporary with Entangled Bliss (she also writes a fantastic urban fantasy series called The Demon Outlaws!), DESIRE BY DESIGN is sweet, sassy, and so much fun. Paula and I had a blast working on this one together, and […]

Stellar reviews for Lisa Kessler’s NIGHT DEMON

I’m so excited to be working with author Lisa Kessler at Entangled. I’ve known her for years, and we are finally an editorial team! And it seems a kick-ass one at that! The reviews for NIGHT DEMON (March 2013) have been rolling in, and I’m so proud! Gretchen Finch’s job would be much easier if she weren’t alone. […]

Release Day: WINTER OMENS by Trisha Leigh

Tuesday means release day, and today that means the second book in Trisha Leigh’s Last Year series, WINTER OMENS, has hit the shelves! Picking up where WHISPERS IN AUTUMN left off, Althea has even more at stake this season as the Others get closer and closer to tracking her down: Althea and Lucas […]

New Release: WHISPERS IN AUTUMN by Trisha Leigh

Every so often a story comes around that you just fall in love with. It’s become rarer and rarer for me these days, though, and I’m not entirely sure why. But not too long ago, I was able to feel that feeling again. And lucky for me, the author wanted me to edit the book and the others in the series. I was […]

Guest Blogger, Paul La Rosa: On Writing a Memoir

I consider myself an experienced writer. After all, I’ve been a newspaper reporter, a producer for CBS News, and the author of four true crime books. But I had never written a memoir until I began trying two years ago. Writing a memoir is different. My first […]

Guest Blogger, LG: Hate Typos? Your Not Alone.

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I signed up to be a writing tutor in college because I thought I would get to “edit” students’ papers. Imagine my disappointment when I learned that there was no copyediting involved in the job at all. Instead, we were discussing content and organization and helping […]